Two arrest warrants were issued for Leo Crockwell Tuesday for failing to comply with a probation order, but Crockwell says he has no plans to comply.

The warrants state Crockwell violated his probation between June 16-26.

However, Crockwell called a VOCM talk show Tuesday to say he believes the warrants are not valid.

"There might be a warrant issued, but it's not a legal warrant," he told VOCM. "I'm not on probation at all. This is what I'm getting at."

Crockwell contends the warrants are a "deliberate attempt to obstruct justice and the appeal process."

He said he has no plans to comply with an "illegal warrant" for his arrest, and won't go quietly if police try to arrest him.

Crockwell was involved in a week-long standoff with RCMP officers in Bay Bulls in 2010. He managed to evade the Mounties by sneaking out of the family house, but he was later arrested several kilometres away from where the standoff took place.

He was released from custody in December 2013.