Leo Crockwell, the man convicted in the notorious 2010 standoff with RCMP in Bay Bulls, has parted ways with yet another lawyer.

Mike King, Crockwell's fifth lawyer in the case, told the court Monday that he could no longer continue as his lawyer because of a breakdown in the solicitor-client relationship.


Mike King, Crockwell's fifth lawyer, told the court Monday there was a breakdown in the solicitor-client relationship. (CBC)

Crockwell has an application before the court claiming, in part, that the charges against him from the standoff should be dropped due to excessive force used by the RCMP.

The court has to hear that application before it can deal with sentencing in the case.

Crockwell represented himself at his trial, after going through three lawyers following his arrest in December 2010.

He was convicted in June. Charges include assaulting his sister, mischief, and three weapons-related offences.

The matter returns to court on Nov. 26.