Provincial court in St. John's has been given evidence that a journalist accused of luring a girl over the internet told his boss that he had learned his lesson. 

Kevin Kelly is being tried for internet luring in a case that dates back to December 2011, when Kelly — the senior entertainment editor at the Newfoundland Herald at the time — attended a fashion show in which the complainant, then 14, participated. 

The court has already heard how Kelly contacted the girl on Facebook and then continued an online conversation that became increasingly sexual, with Kelly complimenting the girl's appearance and later telling her that he thought of her while having sex with his girlfriend. 

The conversations were lengthy enough to fill 92 pages of evidence presented to the court. 

On Wednesday, court was told about what happened a month later, when the girl — uncomfortable with Kelly's comments — told her parents, who called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. 

During their investigation, police seized the computer Kelly used at the Herald. 

However, when the girl at the time was reluctant to proceed with charges, the investigation ended. 

Mark Dwyer, who was the managing editor of the Newfoundland Herald at the time, testified on Wednesday that he had had a brief conversation with Kelly during a car ride that occurred soon after that. 

Dwyer testified that he told Kelly, "I hope you learned your lesson?"

He said Kelly replied, "I did. I just want to put it behind me and move on."

The complainant later had a change of heart, and the RNC resumed its investigation. 

It's not clear what Kelly meant by his reply to his boss – whether it indicated a confession or the relief of someone who had found himself in a tight situation that he thought had ended. 

Judge James Walsh is hearing the case.  

With files from Glenn Payette