The general manager of the Goose Bay Airport says layoffs on the military base will not have an impact on air traffic to the region.

Serco announced in January that it was cutting 25 jobs at 5 Wing Goose Bay.

The company is responsible for a number of support services on the base, including firefighting, which is among the services being cut.

The availability of emergency services at an airport can change the category ranking of the site — changing the type of craft the air field can accommodate.

Goronwy Price, the airport's general manager, said these cuts will not affect the kinds of civilian aircraft that can land on the base, or the classification of the airport.

"The category seven is going to remain from a civilian context at YYR, which means that all the activities that took place prior to these adjustments will continue after the adjustments," he said.

Lt.-Col. Michael Ward, commander at 5 Wing, said the change in services available at the airport will also not impact military air traffic.