'Layaway angel' pays for Christmas gifts in Labrador West

A woman in Labrador City who has been quietly paying for other customers' items on Christmas layaway at a local store is being called western Labrador's "layaway angel."

Mystery woman pays tabs for three people

Annette Costigan and Tina Thompson, who work at The Bargain Shop in Labrador City, say they were happy to tell three layaway customers that their purchases had been paid off. (CBC)

A Labrador City woman who has been quietly paying for other customers' items on Christmas layaway at a local store is being called western Labrador's "layaway angel." 

"I know it meant a lot for these three people," said Tina Thompson who works at The Bargain Shop. 

The store lets customers set aside items and gradually pay for them over time.

A few days ago, a woman walked into the store, paid for some of the items on layaway, even though they weren't hers, and left.

The Bargain Shop's manager Annette Costigan called the customers to tell them the good news.

"I spoke to one lady, she had three kids," said Costigan. "She was a single mom and she was in tears on the phone. She was so excited."

The woman who paid for the items had heard of "layaway angels" paying off similar debts elsewhere, and she decided to do the same in western Labrador. 

The layaway angel paid for three orders in total. In addition to helping out the single mother, she paid for a gift that a senior set aside for her grandson and the gifts a working student put on hold for her family. 


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