A prominent St. John's defence lawyer says the Dunderdale goverment made the right decision when it reinistated a number of justice department jobs that had been eliminated.

Bob Simmonds said there were some tense moments during a meeting that lasted almost three hours on Wednesday night. But in the end, he said government put public safety ahead of its pride.

"I think these positive steps endorsed by the premier are very positive and they are good for the system," said Simmonds who was part of a justice stakeholder committee established to revisit the cuts.

Simmonds added the fact that the province acted quickly shows it took all of the concerns seriously.

"Seriously enough to convene that committee meeting, and seriously enough to say to us Wednesday night, 'Look, whatever our decision is, when we meet with the premier, we will be giving you that very quickly.'"


Justice Minister Darin King told CBC News he was 'under pressure' to revisit justice department cuts. (CBC)

Less than 24 hours later, Justice Minister Darin King announced the provincial government would reverse some of the cuts.

"I do think when they had this extra information, when they heard first-hand the concerns, that were pretty uniform right across the board, that they said, 'Hey, we do have to have a second look at this."'

While not all of the cuts were reversed, Simmonds believes the justice system is in much better shape than it was a few days ago.

NDP calls changes 'worrisome'

Meanwhile, the provincial NDP is questioning how government was able to quickly reverse some job cuts in the justice system.

MHA Gerry Rogers said the changes announced Thursday are worrisome.

She said they show that the government is in disarray after the budget.


NDP MHA Gerry Rogers says government should take a second look at cuts to other departments. (CBC)

"This was an ill-conceived plan or lack of plan in the budget cuts," said Rogers. "And then to come to this crisis position — and to think now it's all fixed in two days, there's something wrong."

Rogers said cuts to other departments should also get a second look.

Government has ordered external reviews of the legal aid system and the sheriff's office.