A Newfoundland and Labrador law enforcement group that holds fundraisers for Special Olympics NL is apologizing for uploading photos of its members and party guests dressed in offensive Halloween costumes.

The Law Enforcement Torch Run Newfoundland and Labrador (NL LETR), which is comprised of a "multitude of service agencies," held a Halloween dance Saturday in support of their cause.

The next day several photos were uploaded to the group's Facebook page, including images of a cowboy, an Indigenous woman, and a sheik.

Another group wore tribe-like costumes with blackface. 

Offensive Halloween costumes

Several people wore offensive Halloween costumes to a party in support of Special Olympics NL on Saturday in Mount Pearl. (Ishmael N. Daro/BuzzFeed)

BuzzFeed reported Tuesday afternoon that the images were deleted from Facebook after a reporter contacted the organization. 

"It was not our intention to offend anyone in any way but to celebrate diversity," said Lynette Wells, director of NL LETR.

"Clearly from the work we do on the job and in our volunteer roles we support diversity and inclusion as this is our main goal as the LETR."

Wells declined an interview at this time but stressed that the organization did not mean to offend anyone, but rather was a "celebration of the Halloween season."

Offensive "cowboy and Indian" costume

The Law Enforcement Torch Run Newfoundland and Labrador deleted a number of images, including this one. (Ishmael N. Daro/BuzzFeed)