Over the next five months, CRB Rebuild and Recreation in North West River, Labrador will be making room for an eight-person television crew to capture the shop's everyday happenings.

With the working title Last Stop Garage, the 12-episode reality series will focus on the variety of jobs coming through CRB's doors, as the town's only garage.

The half-hour episodes will air on the Discovery Channel in Canada, Latin America and Europe as well as Velocity, an automotive channel in the U.S.


The shop split one of its bays in two so the crew has a designated space to shoot. (Katie Breen/CBC )

"We fix Zambonis, we fix wheelchairs, we fix planes and we fix cars – whatever comes in the shop we'll try," said Stanley Oliver, CRB's general manager and one of the show's soon-to-be main characters.

"We don't always have the best parts but we do what we can do. We're very resourceful."

The idea started on a plane

Proper Television development producer Mike Armitage was flying back to Canada from Europe about a year ago when he saw Happy Valley-Goose Bay pop up on the in-flight entertainment TV in the seat in front of him.

"I decided I have to go there and find out what happens on the ground," he said.

Proper Television is behind shows like Canada's Worst Driver and Masterchef Canada.

Mike Armitage

Mike Armitage with Proper Television became curious about Labrador after flying over it on his way home from Europe. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

Armitage put an ad on Facebook looking for characters, people who love the outdoors and families with family run businesses.

"I got overwhelmed with responses from people up and down the coast saying you've got to come check out my buddy, you've gotta visit these people."

Friends of Collin Baikie, the MMA fighter and owner of CRB, tagged him in Armitage's post.

Collin Baikie

Collin Baikie is an MMA fighter and owns CRB Rebuild and Recreation. (Jacob Barker/CBC)

"I figured it was a scam," he said comparing it to shams offering people free trips to exotic places.

"I figured for sure it was something like that but something told me to message and call the guy back."

A late 2017 debut

The show will mainly be shot from mid-March to mid-July.

The shop has divided one of its bays in two so the crew can film uninterrupted.

"We're going to see the seasons change," said Jay Armstrong, the series producer.


Last Stop Garage will be shot with an eight-person crew from mid-March until mid-July. (Katie Breen/CBC)

"A big part is getting out to the outdoors in Labrador, meeting the locals, seeing how people live, exploring the landscape— that includes fishing, hunting."

Last Stop Garage is expected to air in late 2017.