Family desperate for return of St. George's man missing more than 2 weeks

Larry Young, 47, has been missing since Aug. 5.

Larry Young, 47, last seen Aug. 5 in St. George's area of western Newfoundland

Police say Larry Young was last seen wearing a red long-sleeve shirt and dark pants. (RCMP)

The family of a missing St. George's man is speaking out and pleading for his return.

Larry Young, 47, was last seen on Aug. 5 in the St. George's area in western Newfoundland. 

"Larry's a pretty good guy, he'll give you the shirt off his back," family friend Richard Legge told CBC Radio's Corner Brook Morning Show.

"He's very helpful. If you need a bit of work done, he'll be right there to help you right away."

I just don't want to give up.- Richard Legge

Legge has been with Young's sister for 25 years and said he's known Young even longer. They met in school and go fishing together. Legge has been searching for Young every day for more than two weeks. 

"I've been spending eight [or] nine hours a day [searching] and then there's the phone calls and then it's the messages on Facebook. I've been spending like 12-14 hours a day at it," Legge said.

"I just don't want to give up. I just wants to return him home to his mom."

Anyone with information on Larry Young’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Bay St. George RCMP or Crime Stoppers. (RCMP)

Though Legge said Young doesn't have a history of mental illness, he said the day he went missing Young seemed confused.

"He didn't know what he was doing. He was talking kind of strange. He wasn't himself," Legge said. 

Since Young was reported missing, the RCMP have followed up on reported sightings of the missing man. Originally he was thought to have been last seen around 11 a.m. on Aug. 5, but police said one sighting that might have been accurate was around 1:30 p.m. that day in the community of St. George's.

"[The family is] holding it together, but his mom is in pretty hard shape. She wants her son returned home. We're trying our best to do that, but … it's looking pretty grim there now," Legge said.

Timeline of search

Young is described as 5' 7" and weighing 150 pounds. He has dark hair, with some grey, and brown eyes.

He has a moustache and tattoos and police said he was last seen wearing a red long-sleeve shirt and dark pants.

On Aug.5, the day Young was last seen, Bay St. George RCMP officers, along with dog services, searched until dark.

The following two days an extensive ground search was carried out by Barachois Brook Ground Search and Rescue. The RCMP and dog services also helped with that search, police said.  

In addition to the ground search on Aug. 6, the RCMP also chartered a helicopter from Pasadena to assist in the search. Police said officials very familiar with the area were in the helicopter as spotters.

On the evening of Aug. 7, the official ground search ended.

"I know the RCMP and search and rescue are working with the family … it's kind of like in our hands to find these clues for [the] RCMP and search and rescue to get them back out there," Legge said.

Despite the searching, there has been no sign of Young.

"The more people that can get out and help out … even half an hour, 20 minutes, an hour a day. If you're out and you're going out just keep an eye out for him," Legge said.

"The family really needs Larry brought home and we appreciate all the help we can get."

With files from the Corner Brook Morning Show