Volunteers with the Victoria Park Lantern Festival have been scrambling to redesign their weekend light show because of the ban on fires in St. John's.

Earlier this week, the City of St. John's ordered a ban on all open fires. 

Festival organizer Kathleen Parewick said volunteers have traditionally used tea light candles to illuminate the hundreds of lanterns at the festival.

St. John's Coun. Bernard Davis said the city has been working with the festival committee to find thousands of glow sticks, that will replace the tea lights.

Kathleen Parewick

Lantern festival organizer Kathleen Parewick says the type of the lighting may be different, but the show still promises to be spectacular. (CBC)

"The goalpost that the committee would like is around 10,000. I think we're up to around 2,500 secured as of now, but we're working very hard and I'm fairly confident we'll meet it and so is our staff," Davis said.

Parewick said although the type of the lighting will be different, the show still promises to be spectacular.

"The character of the light, of course, from the glow sticks is very different from real flame candles as well, so it will definitely have a different look, so we have to keep that in mind as we redesign the plans for the weekend," she said.

Performers who use fire in their routines have also adjusted their plans — they're switching their torches for LED wands.

The Victoria Park Lantern Festival is scheduled to light up the skies on Saturday evening.