Landmark Irish pub in St. John's remains closed

Owners of Erin's Pub had hoped that they could re-open this weekend, after a late February flood caused extensive damage.
A late February flood caused extensive damage to Erin's Pub on Water Street in St. John's. (CBC)

One of the oldest Irish pubs in St. John's is not opening its doors for St. Patrick's Day.

In late February, Erin's Pub was hit by a flood, when a water pipe burst above the establishment, causing extensive damage.

Co-owner Chris Andrews said they had hoped to have things ready for the celebratory weekend, but couldn't make it happen.

"At first, when it first happened, we thought there was an opportunity to get her open for St. Patrick's Day — but once we got in and saw the damage we did incur, we had to realize we wouldn't make it," he said.

While repairs are moving along at the pub, Andrews said there just wasn't enough time.

"Water is the most powerful thing in the world they say, it's so true you know. [It} destroyed the ceilings, three of the walls, the floor, a lot of the electrical, the bar - so there was a lot of damage," said Andrews.

Lost revenue is one concern for the owners, but Andrews admits he's more worried about staff who can't work as well as their patrons.

Sarah Melkert is one of many who were hoping that Erin's Pub would be open for business on the St. Patrick's Day weekend. (CBC)

Sarah Melkert was hoping to visit the landmark pub this weekend.

"You know, you think of St. Patrick's Day – and this is one of the bars that you think about," said Melkert. "So you just want to go somewhere and get some green beer or a green martini, so yeah, it's a bit disappointing."

Andrews said a new, improved Erin's Pub should open up in late April.