The president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour will be stepping down from her role to take up a new position with the new Unifor super-union.

Lana Payne said she has been elected as the Atlantic director for Unifor, which will force her to leave her role with the federation.

"It's been an incredible five years there and I think we've been doing great work, and we have a very strong labour movement in our province — around 40 per cent union density and quite strong affiliates — so I know the federation will be in very safe hands," Payne said.

"But I'm certainly looking forward to these new and great challenges that we've put on our plate and I know the expectations are very high for us to deliver."

Payne said she thinks the new union, which represents 300,000 workers across Canada, will have a big impact on the country's workforce.

"The creation of Unifor is going to be like a spark, in my opinion. It's something that we needed in the labour movement to kind of see across the country," she said.

Earle McCurdy, president of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union, will be taking up the role as an industry council representative on Unifor's executive board. McCurdy's role will deal with the resources sector.

Unifor is Canada's largest private-sector union and there are a total of 25 positions on its National Executive Board.