Lady Cove Women's Choir

Members of Lady Cove Women's Choir gathered outside St Peter's Church in Riga, Latvia, before a performance last Thursday night. (Lady Cove)

A St. John's choir is heading home after a highly successful showing at an international festival in Latvia. 

The Lady Cove Women's Choir receiving two gold medals and placed third overall in the female choirs category at the World Choir Games

Lady Cove member in Riga, Latvia

A member of Lady Cove Women's Choir celebrates at the World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia. (Lady Cove)

"We actually did really well," said director Kellie Walsh, adding that while the medals are appreciated the real reward comes from rising to the challenge of an international standard. 

"The most important part is how you grow, and our performances here have been the strongest performances we've had in years. I think we're going into the next decade of the choir's life on a completely different standard," said Walsh, who founded the choir in 2003. 

Lady Cove has taken part in three international tours over the years, in addition to its regular performances around Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Almost 500 choirs took part in the World Choir Games. 

"I think we've worked really hard and the choir is singing at a really high level, and we were very, very well received," said Walsh.