An internal report on the work environment at Queen of Peace Middle School in Happy Valley-Goose Bay describes the climate as "toxic," with "animosity and chaos."

The 29-page workplace assessment was commissioned by the Labrador School Board, and was received in January.

The report says staff are "disrespectful" to one another, "kids are treated with disrespect, especially low-income," and "morale is very poor."

Most of the grievances outlined in the report point to problems with how administrators treat staff and handle conflict.

CEO critical of leaked 'version'

Henry Windeler, the CEO and director of education for the Labrador School Board, said the findings were meant to be addressed and dealt with privately.

"It was very unfortunate that an individual or individuals chose not to follow the process and to go public with their version of it," said Windeler.

He said the board and the school have had plans to work through the report's recommendations, but he would not get into specifics. 

"Since we're committed to the credibility of the process, we're really not able to comment on the findings or the recommendations."

Queen of Peace Middle School's principal, Gary Dove, also declined comment on the report.