A man from St. Lewis began his seventh annual walk on Saturday morning to raise funds for diabetes research.

Guy Poole will trek over 300 kilometres over the next 10 days, starting his journey in St. Anthony and ending in Cow Head.

This is the first year Poole, 69, has done the walk on the island. In the first six years he walked every kilometre of the Trans-Labrador Highway, as well as its access roads.

Poole said his goal is to walk all of the province's roads.

"I made a commitment that I would do the whole province, so I basically got Labrador finished but now I'm starting on the island part of the province," he said.

"I'm doing all the roads from St. Anthony to St. John's, including all the access roads in between."

Poole started raising money after his wife Elizabeth died from complications from diabetes.

He has raised more than $30,000 for the Liz's Walk campaign since 2006.