The Wabush man accused in a fatal hit-and-run in Western Labrador two months ago appeared in court Wednesday.


Friends of Shane Mercer and Leisa Penney erected a Christmas tree in December by the spot where they were struck by a vehicle. A man accused in the incident appeared in court Wednesday. ((CBC))

Jeremy Shannon Reid, 29, was lead into the courtroom by four Royal Constabulary officers. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon following a two-month investigation.

Reid is the owner of a vehicle that is believed to have been involved in the Dec. 5 incident. Some people in western Labrador claim Reid was drinking at a local nightclub before driving home the night of the accident. The incident was caught on tape by a surveillance camera.

Shane Mercer, 30, died almost two weeks after he and his friend Leisa Penney were struck by a vehicle. Penney is still recovering in hospital from injuries she sustained in the collision.

More than 30 people including the families of Mercer and Penney were in the courtroom Wednesday as the six charges were read.

Reid sat stoned faced, with his eyes forward, as the charges were outlined. Friends and family cried each time Mercer's name was read.

Jeff Penney, Leisa's older brother, said the incident has brought the victims' families closer together.

"I was blown away actually. I was with my sister five hours before and we were planning on going for breakfast the next day and it never happened," he said.

"It's been two months now. Just want to know where this is going or how it's going to turn out. Just anxious I guess."

Reid was granted bail. He'll make another court appearance on March 17th.