Western Labrador hockey player Jessie Reccord

Local hockey player Jessie Reccord says female interest in the sport in western Labrador is on the rise. (CBC)

As girls get ready to hit the ice in western Labrador for Women's Hockey Day, many note that the number of women taking part in the sport regionally is on the rise.

"The numbers have just gone through the roof, and the interest has gone viral," said player Jessie Reccord.

"We now have 51 players in the league this year. But back in the day, when I turned 12, there was only, say, 30 girls in it."

This year, three girls from western Labrador are playing on regional teams, which is a sign of the growing competition.

"In under-12, we actually won the gold medal, and our team put our hand prints up [on the wall]," said Mackenzie Curran.

Players agree there are some challenges facing females in Labrador.

"You're at a disadvantage in some ways because you don't have the volume of people, the competition, the girls to play ... and it's hard to travel for lots of different people in Labrador," said player Jenny Bourgeois.

The International Ice Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada have partnered for the third annual World Girls Hockey Weekend, taking place across the country. The goal is to get more girls involved in the game.

Women's Hockey Day in Labrador City kicks off at 9 a.m., with events planned throughout the day. There will be open ice time around 12 p.m., with girls encouraged to bring a friend with them to the rink.

"It's really exciting because new girls come out and if they like it, they'll sign up," said local player Hailey Hibbs.