Labrador-Grenfell Health has made changes to its chartered air service.

The service – which assists residents along Labrador's north and south coasts get to medical appointments at hospitals in St. Anthony and Happy Valley-Goose Bay – will add a new run.

Tony Wakeham

Labrador-Grenfell Health CEO Tony Wakeham says the changes to the health authority's flight run will alleviate the traffic on the north coast run.

Cartwright and Black Tickle have been added to the south coast run, which will now originate out of Happy-Valley Goose Bay.

Health authority CEO Tony Wakeham said the new changes to the flight pattern make a lot of sense.

"This will allow all of those residents to have options to come in, either direction, for a particular service. I think that's a benefit to all the people on the south coast," he said.

Wakeham said the new flight plan will also alleviate the traffic on the north coast run, and reduce flight times.

He also added the changes to the air charter service will come at no extra cost to the health authority.