Provincial forestry officials continue to deal with forest fires that are burning out of control in Labrador.

Forest fires in the Upper Lake Melville region were sparked by lightning earlier this week in the Mud Lake and Grand Lake Road areas.

Fire duty officer Basil English said ground crews, along with a helicopter and a water bomber, are tackling the fires in the Grand Lake Road area.

On Thursday, a water bomber spent the entire day trying to douse flames in the Mud Lake area.

He told CBC News the Mud Lake fires have linked up into one, and it's still too large for ground crews to take on.

"The fire is growing slowly. It's estimated to be 2,000 hectares in size, so it's still considered out of control. But again, it's not an imminent threat, because of the wind direction and fuels," English said.  

He said the fire is still about eight kilometres away from Mud Lake and moving away from property.