The outdoor market in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is looking for a new home after strong winds over the weekend destroyed the tents.

"It's all gone to heaven," said Rob Kitson as he surveyed what's left of the market setup.

"Tents folded upon each other, tents wedged against the ballscreen, tents lying over the trailer, poles bent in half."

After a perfect Saturday of sunny blue skies and a turnout of a few hundred people, an 80-kilometre-per-hour midafternoon gust tore tents and poles out of the ground.

This isn't the first time the tents have blown over, but now they're beyond repair.

Joyce Pye, one of the vendors at the market, says they will likely move it inside for the time being.

"It's just like the hand of God just swept down and said, 'You're getting too cocky here,'" she said.

Pye says she hopes any permanent solution will involve an indoor and outdoor market.