The booming economy in western Labrador has caused an unexpected casualty: the preschool that looks after working parents' children.

After more than 30 years of operation, the Wee College in Labrador West will not reopen this fall.

The school, which is run by the Pentecostal church, says it's lost too many workers in the past month to continue functioning.

Pastor David Milley says the shortage of staff is a side effect of the economy in Labrador City and Wabush, where mining  wages and the cost of living are both soaring.

"Some of our people have moved and others have taken jobs because they just need more money to live in the community," says Milley, who called this the "saddest day" in his 25 years as a minister.

The church hopes to re-open the school in January.

About 175 children of all denominations were enrolled in the program.