The town council in Labrador City wants to start issuing tickets to homeowners who don't tidy up their properties, but the provincial government is hindering their plans.

Mayor Karen Oldford said too many properties throughout town look like scrapyards, with parked vehicles, broken fences and other debris littering lawns.

The town would normally have to issue a warning and then go to court to deal with offenders, but Oldford said that process is too long and expensive.

Instead, the town wants to issue tickets for property-related offences.

But Oldford noted the province must amend current legislation before municipalities can do that.

"In 2012, [the province] came out and said that they were going to be putting in a municipal ticketing program, so we've been waiting [since] 2012 for the amendments that needed to take place in the House of Assembly to happen, and I'm not really sure why there's such a holdup," she said.

Oldford said officials continue to tell her the legislation will soon be amended, but she said the town is getting tired of waiting to be able to ticket homeowners.