Through a summer employment program, a group of students in Labrador City received valuable work experience — and the town received a makeover.

Thirty-two teenagers were hired with the town's parks and recreation department.  

The students mowed lawns, laid sod and worked to beautify the town.

Students said the employment also gave the group a better sense of community pride.

Stephen Gidge

Stephen Gidge says this job made him appreciate how much work goes into making a community shine. (CBC)

Stephen Gidge was one of the students hired, and told CBC the experience gave him a better understanding of what it takes to maintain the town.

"Knowing all the work that goes into just the simple stuff around here, [it] changes your appreciation on everything. You know how much goes into it. You want to keep it maintained," Gidge said.  

There is still one final task for the students to complete before they head back to school. The group will help lay down the ice surface at the local arena.