Paul Smith, from Labrador City, will be going to Beijing to act as an official in a world championship curling competition. (File photo)

A man from Labrador City will be heading to the World Men's Curling Championship in Beijing on Tuesday.

Paul Smith developed a computer program to improve how the game is timed.

Smith recently returned from his role as an official at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Russia.

He said he'll be doing a bit of double duty in China.

"I won't be just the timing supervisor — I'll also have to be on guard for any kind of software glitches that may occur, so a little bit of added pressure," Smith said.

"But still, for all that, this won't be the first time. It'll be about my 4th or 5th world championship that I've been Chief Timer at."

Smith said he's looking forward to the trip, both for the cultural experience, as well as world-class curling.