The Iron Ore Company of Canada mine in Labrador City resumed operations Friday afternoon, after a fire caused a shut-down at the site.

Marsha Power-Slade, an IOC spokesperson, said employees were evacuated when the blaze started around noon, but the fire was localized to the mine concentrator.

One person was seen locally and released, while one other received medical attention for potential smoke inhalation.

The mine's fire response crew, along with firefighters from the Town of Labrador City, managed to put out the blaze.

In a release, Power-Slade said operations have resumed and employees are expected to report to work as per usual.

Steelworkers President Ron Thomas said the mine's concentrator is a large building where about 300 employees work.

"The concentrator breaks down the size of the rock, of the ore itself, to a powder. It's a rather huge building, but from what I hear, there's one area that was on fire. This fire has been going on since 12:00 today, and we don't know the damage, but it's pretty serious when you've got the whole plant down," said Thomas.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.