The family of an eight-month-old girl from Labrador is celebrating their daughter's successful surgery.

Charlie Chubbs underwent a major operation on Wednesday at the Janeway Children's Hospital in St. John's, where doctors reshaped her skull. 

The child was born with a condition that caused parts of her skull to fuse together, putting pressure on her growing brain.

Baby Charlie Chubbs after her operation

Charlie Chubbs had a successful surgery on Wednesday in St. John's to reshape her skull. She is recovering at the Janeway Children's Hospital. (Courtesy Spencer Chubbs)

Charlie's father, Spencer Chubbs, spoke to CBC News on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after reuniting with his daughter. 

He said the family is relieved the surgery went so well.

"It was heartbreaking to see her the way she is, but it was good to see her, all at the same time," said Chubbs. 

"It's still hard to see her swollen and bandaged up, and hooked up to machines, but it's a lot easier knowing that the surgery's done now and the worst is over."

People in Labrador raised thousands of dollars so the Chubbs family could be together in St. John's for the procedure and the recovery process. 

One family friend, Dylan Hynes, raised money by walking 40 kilometres on North West River Road outside Happy Valley-Goose Bay.