The Crown has withdrawn charges against 10 Labatt workers for disobeying court orders during a long-running strike at the brewery's St. John's plant.

The workers were charged for deliberately slowing down traffic outside the Leslie Street plant, in violation of orders that Labatt had obtained from the court.

One worker was charged for an April 2013 incident, while the other nine had been charged over a July 2013 incident.

Crown attorney Sean Patten said costs played a role in the decision to drop the charges.

He told CBC News that most of the witnesses had been working at the site as security guards, and would now have to be tracked down and often flown in from outside Newfoundland and Labrador.

Patten said if the workers had been convicted, they would have received relatively light sentences.

Patten also noted that no one was injured during the two incidents, and that there had been no violence.

About four dozen workers, who are represented by NAPE, ended the strike in early February after almost 11 months off the job.