A fence was put up around the property surrounding the Labatt brewery in downtown St. John's this week after the company said striking workers crossed the line by making the dispute personal.

The striking workers made signs that displayed names and some addresses of replacement workers outside of the brewery.

According to the company, this action has caused some fear and anxiety among those doing the jobs of the strikers.

Labatt spokesperson Wade Keller said the union may not like the fence, but it was their own actions that brought it on.

"The fence is there as a reaction to an action taken by the union. If the union doesn't take the step of putting up the signs with people's names and home addresses, then the fence does not go up," Keller said.

"I would say this is an equal and opposite reaction to the action taken by the union," he added.

Keller said that it will help ensure the safety of the replacement workers.

"To be quite frank, it also ensures that people are not picketing on brewery property," Keller said. "The fence is there to keep the picketers on the property they're allowed to picket on — city streets — and not on our property."

Approximately 50 Labatt workers have been on a legal strike since April 10.

According to Keller, the dispute is in a holding pattern, with no progress or talks scheduled.