2012 will end much like it started for Corner Brook Pulp and Paper — surrounded by questions about the mill's future.

The company announced on Thursday that it will be shutting down one of its two paper-making machines for 15 days over the Christmas holidays.

About 110 workers will be affected by the shutdown - about a third of the company's employees.

Communications, Energy and Paperworks union local 242 will be the group most affected by the downtime at the mill.

Bruce Randall, union local president, says it's been a rough few years for the workers.

"Seems like ever since 2006 we've been taking it on the chin, and of course our members are getting awful tired of it," Randall said.

"It's stressful and everybody else, for the most part, is going to take home a paycheque and I got well over half my local that’s not going to take home a paycheque probably for two weeks."

He also questioned the shutdown of machine #2, saying machine #7, the remaining paper machine, is less efficient and often breaks down.

The mayor of Corner Brook is also unsettled about the shutdown.

Neville Greeley said he was informed of the situation only minutes before the news release was sent out.

"Anytime you hear of a paper machine shutting down, or any issue at the mill, it's a cause for concern," Greeley said.

However, he remains optimistic and is hopeful that the mill can recover from the difficult year.