Kittens in plastic container earns fine for owner

The manager of the Gander SPCA is still shaking her head after a woman recently dropped off nearly a dozen kittens in a plastic tub.

A woman who dropped off nearly a dozen kittens at Gander's SPCA, has ended up being fined under the Animal Protection Act.

The animals were in the trunk of a car on a hot day, most of them inside a sealed plastic tub — with two small holes in the lid,

"She said, 'I got them in the trunk of my car.' And I stopped and said, 'In the trunk of your car?'" SPCA manager Bonnie Harris said.

"Sweat was just beading off the inside of the container. I picked up one of the little kittens, and his heart was just racing — you could feel beating through his chest."

Harris says the kittens were clearly in distress. She called municipal police, and an officer ticketed the woman $115.

"You know, the sad part is I don't think this lady thought she was doing anything wrong. It's sort of upsetting to know. You assume people have common sense, and there was no common sense used in this case, at all," she said.

Two of the kittens were put down after testing positive for feline leukemia. The rest have recovered and are up for adoption.