A craft shop in Newfoundland's Green Bay area is hoping that a new retailing award will help make an ambitious expansion plan a success.

King's Point, N.L. King's Point.

King's Point Pottery won the top honour at the Atlantic Canada Craft Awards for Excellence earlier this month in Halifax.

Linda Yates, one of the owners of the company, says she hopes the distinction boosts the profile of their store, as well as their tiny community.

She said that it was an exciting and surreal experience.

"When we're outside of a major city β€” and I hate making comparisons, but when you do compare us to some of the shops that have won in the past β€” it’s like wow, we're on the same calibre as these guys," Yates said.

Last year, Yates and her partner David Hayashida celebrated the shop's 20th anniversary by doubling in size.

Owners hope for economic boost in community

Hayashida said that this award is an opportunity for the community to expand in the tourism market.


David Hayashida says that he hopes the award brings in more business for the shop, and therefore more business for other shops in the community. (CBC)

"While we've become extremely well known here in Newfoundland, this award is about Atlantic Canada, so it does put us in the destination category for the whole region," he said. "That's a really big deal for us."

With the newly expanded wing of the shop, they are now able to stock 150 different artists and crafters from floor to ceiling.

Hayashida hopes that this will help lead to sustained growth for the community.

"We'd like to think there's more people dropping down, and you'll find out there's a weeks' worth of things to do in the area," Hayashida said.

"So accommodations, and the food industry, and hopefully things like tours out the bay and stuff like that β€” hopefully they'll see a big influx of people, as well."

The two have teamed up with a local school on a new project that will debut in the spring - another effort to put their community on the map.