Construction company Kiewit is warning some employees at work sites around the province to keep an eye on their credit, after sensitive information was recently stolen from an employee.

According to the company, personal information was on a laptop computer that was stolen from someone working in Kiewit's payroll department on April 15.

Workers in Bull Arm, Long Harbour and Cow Head in Marystown were all affected by the breach.

The company issued a statement to workers nine days after the theft occurred, explaining the breach and what they are doing to minimize risk to employees.

"While we are not aware of any actual or attempted misuse of your personal information, we want you to be aware of the situation, including steps we are taking to address this issue," the statement said.

SIN numbers, addresses among information on laptop

According to the statement, the laptop was stolen from a parked rental car in Montreal. 


Kiewit is a Fortune 500 construction, mining and engineering company that is doing work at the Bull Arm site for the Hebron construction project. (Kiewit)

On it was personal information that would be found on a T4 slip, including names, social insurance numbers and addresses.

The company said the laptop was password-protected at the time, but that they are still taking measures to remove information from the computer should it be connected to the internet.

 Kiewit said they have contacted police and are reviewing their security policy.

"We are also taking steps to minimize the risk of similar future data incidents at the company," wrote Michael Geary, corporate vice-president of human resources.

"These steps include reviewing our policies and procedures on security of personal information with those managing this type of information."