Just like dad: Adorable brother and sister make mock FireFit course

These two kids are getting an early start on a potential firefighting career and following in their father's footsteps.

Isaac, 4, and sister Lucy, 2 ½, run around an obstacle course in sweet video

Issac and Lucy Hillier idolize their dad and his job as a firefighter in Corner Brook 2:08

Holding a stuffed dog the size of herself, two-and-a-half-year-old Lucy Hillier walks backwards dragging her toy to safety as her brother gives her some encouragement.

"You're almost there, Lucy," Isaac Hillier, 4, said. 

The eldest Hillier sibling has set up mock fire rescues in his backyard many times before. But last weekend, their grandparents put together a more polished mock course, equipped with pylons and a slide.

Issac Hillier, 4, and his sister Lucy, 2 ½, set up backyard firefighting competitions in their backyard. (Courtesy of Ashlee Hillier)

Alex Hillier, the children's father, is a firefighter in Corner Brook and has competed many times at FireFit challenges— a firefighter competition involving essential on-the-job tasks — regionally and nationally. 

"Even before being at a FireFit competition himself, [Isaac] got the idea from watching videos of his Dad competing in 2016," mom Ashlee Hillier said. 

Issac, 4, and Lucy, 2 ½, support their dad, Alex Hillier, at a FireFit Championship Regional competition in Fredericton. (Courtesy of Ashlee Hillier)

You can watch video of the duo in action in the video player above.