Steve Kent admits it's been a challenging few months juggling his roles of MHA for Mount Pearl North and volunteer chief commissioner of Scouts Canada.

As the head of the Scouts, Kent has had to answer a lot of questions about how his organization handled cases of sexual abuse.

At the same time, he has been dealing with consituent and government issues.

On Monday, Kent was at a news conference in Ottawa where Scouts Canada released an independent audit of its suspension and termination records for the past 64 years.

Despite past assurances that it had alerted authorities to every instance of possible abuse within its ranks, Scouts Canada said the new review has found at least 65 cases where that did not happen.  

Kent said despite the crisis in Scouts Canada, he remains committed to the scouting movement and he urged other youth organizations to learn from what Scouts Canada has gone through.

"We're deeply and truly sorry for any harm that has been done to anybody in the past," said Kent.  "That said, I recognize the amazing value that Scouts continues to provide in today's society and I think we have a responsibility now to show leadership."