Premier Kathy Dunderdale announced big changes to her cabinet on Wednesday morning in St. John's, including the addition of two new ministers.

Mount Pearl North MHA Steve Kent and the member for St. John's West, Dan Crummell, are the new faces around the table, while Placentia-St. Mary's MHA Felix Collins was removed.

Dwight Ball, a Liberal MHA and leadership candidate, said the shuffle highlights the level of disorganization within Dunderdale's government.

"What this government proved with this shuffle today is that there is no succession plan, and so what they've had to do, particularly in finance, is reach back for a third time and ask minister (Tom) Marshall to step forward again," he said.

nl dwight ball cabinet shuffle 20131009

Dwight Ball says there will likely be more changes in cabinet in the next two years. (CBC)

"It speaks, really, to the lack of depth this government would have right now. So really I don't think this changes the direction of this government at all."

According to Ball, the premier had few options.

"It really represents a really tired government now late into its administration, and really with no new ideas at all. So she had no choice but to then reach back and to just shuffle the cards in the deck."

Ball said he doesn't think it's a so-called election cabinet, adding he believes there will be more changes before the 2015 vote.

NDP MHA Dale Kirby said the shuffle does nothing to address problems facing the province, but rather delays addressing them.

"I think what we really have now is a much more inexperienced cabinet on the whole," Kirby said.

"Obviously, (Dunderdale has) lost a seasoned veteran in Mr. Kennedy, and Mr. Hedderson is no longer in there. They've introduced a few new personalities into the mix, so it increases a certain amount of learning curve for people."

Below is a list of the cabinet ministers and their portfolios. 

Cabinet shuffle infographic

Dunderdale reduced her cabinet from 16 to 15. (Peter Gosse/CBC)