A veterinarian in central Newfoundland is warning pet owners about the spread of a highly contagious infection in dogs.

Amanda Stuckey of Mid Island Animal Health Center in Grand Falls-Windsor said kennel cough is spreading across the island.

In the past week, Stuckey said she has examined multiple dogs with the infection. She said there are also dogs in Corner Brook and Gander with kennel cough.

"Typically coughing is the first symptom, in more severe causes you may see some mild nasal discharge," Stuckey said.

Stuckey said the infection lasts five to seven days, however, it is highly contagious.

"I would say yes — quarantine them. So no dog parks preferably no boarding facilities [and] no groomers just to prevent exposure to other dogs."

Stuckey said the infection can be treated with medication and home remedies like honey can help with some symptoms. 

Kennel cough does not spread to humans or other animals.