Humane Services of St. John's is reminding people to keep their pets warm during the current record cold snap.  

Cindy McGrath, a supervisor with Humane Services St. John's, said pets should be kept indoors, and only bring them outside to do their business. 

She also reminded owners to keep piles of snow away from fences so their pets can't escape enclosed areas, and to keep pets on leashes when they are outdoors. 

McGrath said off-leash animals can get disoriented during stormy weather. 

Outdoor animals require proper shelter

McGrath said there is no law to require pets to be kept indoors during cold weather, but outdoor kennels should be insulated and sheltered from the elements, and outdoor animal dishes should be plastic, not metal. 

She said if pets are neglected in frigid temperatures there could be consequences.  

"If a dog is not housed properly or if an animal is just tied on in an area where there is no shelter, certainly, yes. We do have the ability to remove the animal from the property." 

McGrath also reminded pet owners to register their animals with their municipality so if they get lost, they can be tracked. 

McGrath said if anyone notices a dog or other pet being kept outside in harsh conditions, they should report the matter to their municipal animal control service.