Kashayla-Mahri McDonald, 8, overcomes ADHD, now an author

Kashayla-Mahri McDonald of Grand Falls-Windsor will officially launch The Ginormous Strawberry, a book she wrote and illustrated.
Kashayla-Mahri McDonald will launch her book, The Ginormous Strawberry, at the Daily Grind Cafe in Grand Falls-Windsor on Sunday. (David Newell/CBC)

What started out as a Language Arts assignment for Kashayla-Mahri McDonald has turned into an actual book.

On Sunday, McDonald, 8, will officially launch The Ginormous Strawberry, which she wrote and illustrated.  

McDonald's mother, Kim, is immensely proud of her daughter. 

"It's kind of amazing ... not something I ever expected from an eight-year-old, so yes, it's kind of amazing," she said.

"She wrote the story in Grade 2. I didn't even know anything about the story until I went into the school for a parent-teacher interview. Her teacher at the time, Maureen Hiscock, had said she was so, I guess, impressed by the story, that she thought we should try and get it published. I had no idea what that concept would look like, or process."

McDonald said the initial idea was to go through Scholastic Canada and see if they would publish the story.

Kashayla-Mahri McDonald wrote and illustrated The Ginormous Strawberry. (CBC)

"But when I did the research, you need an agent and that's a very long process. I didn't want to do that, so I decided to do some research and found a self-publishing company that kind of fit what we were looking for, and the rest is history."

McDonald said a year ago, her daughter was struggling with trying to get her thoughts on paper, following a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 

"When she in Grade 1 … she really struggled ... writing sentences and words and such. I think her hand couldn't keep up with the brain, she said.

"We did a lot of work with the school teacher at the time, to help with that. So to go from having her not being able to print much on paper — to a year later writing a book that the school thinks I should get published — is huge. I wanted it for her recognition, to show her that the hard work paid off."

The Ginormous Strawberry will be launched at the Daily Grind Café on High St. in Grand Falls-Windsor, Sunday from two to four p.m.


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