Junior high school set to open in 2014

The former Regina High School in Corner Brook will be redeveloped into a junior high school.

The former Regina High School in Corner Brook is about to undergo a major renovation.

The Western School District is turning the structure into a junior high school.  

Education director Ross Elliott said the school will accommodate 700 students who will come from GC Rowe and Presentation Junior High schools.

Elliott said the building's cornerstone — a target of vandalism — will be removed. The cornerstone was laid in 1986, when Regina High School was a brand new building.

The stone was laid by former Roman Catholic bishop Raymond Lahey who was convicted of child pornography charges in 2012.

Elliott said the stone, which bears Lahey's name, is not in the plans for the new school.

"There will be a significant changes I should say in the front, in the entrance of the building," said Elliott. "To make that entrance compatible with our security needs and our Safe and Caring Schools initiatives, in that process the cornerstone will be removed."

Eliott said the biggest piece of the project is a new gymnasium. He added the old gym space will be converted into several different areas including a music room, drama room and multi-purpose area.

Construction is due to begin this spring, and the building is expected to open in 2014.