A judge is questioning the mental evaluation of a woman who will soon be sentenced for attacking a sheriff, among other charges.

Two psychiatrists submitted separate reports regarding the mental well-being of Alexandria Harnum, 22.

In January, Harnum pulled out the hair of a female sheriff during a bail hearing in St. John's.  

Harnum was making an appearance last month after she was charged with assaulting a woman at Lottie's Bar on George Street in St. John's.

It took five sheriffs to get her under control, and she was eventually carried out of the courtroom. 

'From my observation as a lay person, she doesn't seem fit' - Judge Lois Skanes

One of the doctors who assessed Harnum claimed she had no mental illness, while the other said she was fit, but suffered from bi-polar disorder and psychosis.

During the proceedings in court on Friday, Harnum made several nonsensical comments.

"I'm tired of the abuse. Someone in my cells tells me I have to be abused by the embassy," Harnum said.

"How about we go fishin'? I hates fishin'. I'm trying to find clarity and sanity to my mind and body. I pretty much feel like a vegetable."

Judge Lois Skanes' opinion on Harnum's mental health seemed to differ from the medical experts.

"From my observation as a lay person, she doesn't seem fit," she said.

"I wish I understood what's going on," said Harnum.

"I wish you did too," replied Skates.

The court will hear from the two psychiatrists who assessed Harnum, before she is sentenced later this month. 

Harnum has a 16-page criminal record with more than 70 convictions — 10 of which are for assaulting peace officers.

She will be sentenced on Feb. 20.