Liberal Eddie Joyce is trying to do something he could not do in the last provincial election - defeat Progressive Conservative Terry Loder.

"It's very different this time than the last time," said Joyce.

The political battle in the Bay of Islands district is a rematch of 2007 where Loder edged out Joyce by 297 votes.

Joyce was the incumbant in the district and had held the seat since 1999.

Joyce, who opened his campaign office Wednesday, said he has a lot of support this time around.

"A lot of people encouraged me to run," said Joyce who also hinted at Loder not fulfilling his duties as MHA.

"I think people realize a lot of them were broken commitments.  And when you don't see the member a lot, and when you don't see a member when you need him," said Joyce.

Highlighting the importance of the battle to both the Liberals and the PCs, the district was visited by the leaders of the two parties within the first three days of the campaign kickoff.

The NDP are high on first-time candidate Tony Adey, who claims his party could stage a breakthrough on the west coast.

"From what we're hearing, it's shaping up to be a three-way race rather than a two-way race," said Adey.

"The voters this time have a third option rather than the other two."