Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones denied rumours that she will step down as Liberal leader before the provincial election in October.

There was talk in Liberal circles that Jones would quit and businessman Dean MacDonald would take over leadership. But both said Wednesday that is not true.

"I have no intentions of going anywhere," Jones said. "I am the leader of the party. I will lead the party into the next election.

"Dean Macdonald is a part of my campaign team to make that happen. He has been very supportive of me."

MacDonald echoed Jones' sentiments.

"It's just a bad rumour," he told CBC News. "I mean there is an election coming up in 90 days, and as a Liberal I will be helping Yvonne in any way I can in terms of candidates, fundraising and all the things that go on with an election.  A lot of work [has] to be done in a short period of time."

MacDonald said he is interested in being Liberal leader at some point in the future, but because of business commitments, it was not the right time.