Tory leadership candidate John Ottenheimer says he wants to see greater transparency around Muskrat Falls, even though most of the major decisions on the energy megaproject have already been made.

John Ottenheimer

John Ottenheimer speaks with reporters Wednesday in St. John's. (CBC)

​Ottenheimer, who made a policy announcement Wednesday that included support for expanded child care, said he would like the Public Utilities Board to have a say on Muskrat Falls. The governing Tories bypassed the utilities regulator during the development of the hydroelectric project.

"It would be important to me to revisit from a practical and feasibility point of view ... the role that the Public Utilities Board can play in this very important project," Ottenheimer said.

Ottenheimer, who is competing with former cabinet ministers Paul Davis and Steve Kent for the Tory leadership, said a role for the PUB - even though Muskrat Falls is now deep into construction outside Happy Valley-Goose Bay - can still be arranged.

"In terms of retroactivity, it would be difficult to revisit decisions that were made," he said.

"But that is not to say that there are not other issues that could indeed come forward."

Ottenheimer conceded that while Muskrat Falls is a done deal, he said the government can win back the public's trust by being more open.

On child care, Ottenheimer said he would create additional and more affordable child care spaces throughout the province.

With files from David Cochrane