The trial for a former teacher charged with trying to lure a student over the internet has concluded. 

The Crown and defence made their closing arguments in the case against Jody Hale on Wednesday, as to whether Hale intended to lure one of his former students with thousands of Facebook messages and Skype conversations.

These intimate messages and conversations occurred when Hale was 40, and the student was 14.

Hale was a teacher at Cottrell's Cove Academy when the incidents were alleged to have occurred between December 2011 and March 2012.

Hale admits to 'crossing the line'

Hale had previously admitted that his online chats with the child crossed a line, speaking about his "passionate feelings" for the girl, his "dreams of kissing her," and of "playing truth and dare."

The Crown told the court in its final submission that those were clearly attempts to groom the student, to one day sexually exploit her. 

Jody Hale love letter email


The Crown refuted Hale's testimony that there was nothing sexual about his words — that if those conversations had been between two consenting adults — it would be clear he was trying to seduce her.

In turn, the defence argued not to simply consider Hale's words, but also his actions. Hale purchased gifts for all his students, and he Skyped with the complainant and her friend. 

While the student previously testified she felt uncomfortable with the entire situation, the defence said she never informed Hale, so his belief in their friendship was unshaken, and that showed reasonable doubt about the luring charge.

The judge's decision in the case is expected Dec. 13.

This will not be Hale's last court appearance, as another charge of trying to lure a different student,is still before the courts.