Jody Hale found guilty of luring 14-year-old student

Former teacher Jody Hale was found guilty of unlawfully luring a child by means of a computer system.

Hale's sentencing set for March 3

Former central Newfoundland teacher Jody Hale has been found guilty of luring one of his students.

Hale sat in a Grand Falls-Windsor court on Friday afternoon and listened, as Judge Jacqueline Jenkins read excerpts from thousands of online messages and six months of Facebook and Skype conversations between Hale and his student.

Hale was almost 40, and his student was 14 at the time.

Jenkins called these messages 'single-minded' and 'predatory,' adding they were like 'a truth or dare game' where Hale pressured his student to reveal her sexual history, or chats where he spoke of wanting to kiss and massage the girl. 

These online acts were coupled with gifts. Hale brought the student muffins to class daily, and showered her with valentines and poems.

Jenkins said these were attempts to reduce the student's inhibitions — manipulations of a young girl — grooming her with the intent for sexual acts later on.

The judge said she didn't accept Hale's testimony that he lost sight of his student's age, that he was only acting in friendship.

Jenkins called Hale's time on the stand 'self serving' and 'self promoting,' and ruled him guilty of luring a child using the internet.

Hale will be sentenced March 3.