There is some relief now for a same-sex couple from St. John's who were upset when a jewelry store that they were buying an engagement ring from posted a sign that seemed to oppose same sex marriage. 

It turns out the couple will now be getting their deposit back on the ring after all.

Nicole White and Pam Renouf had bought their engagement ring from Today's Jewellers in Mount Pearl a few months ago — with no problems. However, a friend who later visited the store told them there was a sign hanging next to the counter that said "The sanctity of marriage is under attack, keep marriage between a man and a woman."

Anti-gay marriage sign posted in Today's Jewellers

This sign was recently posted in Today's Jewellers in Mount Pearl. (Holly Ivany-Ryan/Facebook)

After hearing about the sign and seeing photos, the couple spoke out publicly — saying they wanted the store to give them a refund on the deposit.

Then, in a recent Facebook post, White said she was talking with the store owner and he agreed to give the deposit back.

Nicole White engagement ring deposit Facebook post

Nicole White posted an update in the Newfoundland Brides - Local Wedding Planning Facebook group, letting people know she and her partner were getting the deposit back on the ring. (Facebook)

"We just wanted to let everyone know that we were in contact with Esau Jardon of Today's Jewellers and he has decided to give us our deposit back," she wrote.

"We have no negative feelings towards him," she said.

"We found the poster disrespectful and inappropriate in his place of business therefore we decided not to support his business."

She also said people have been reaching out to them, some with offers of cash or rings. White said they have declined those offers and that they just wanted to get their money back so that they did not feel like they were supporting the business.

"We are getting a refund," wrote White.

"We will go some place else to get my dream engagement ring made. Thank you, Nicole and Pam Renouf."