A country singer who grew up on the border between Labrador and Quebec is stepping into the spotlight, after realizing her childhood dream of travelling to Nashville to record an album.

Jessica Lavallee is from Blanc Sablon, Que., which is just minutes from the southern Labrador border and the neighbouring community of L'Anse au Clair.

She now lives in Brockville, Ont.

She travelled to Nashville before Christmas to record some songs for an upcoming release.

She said it was a trip she'd been wanting to make since she was a little girl, sitting at home with her family and watching famous country stars perform in Nashville on TV.

"It was one of those things that I really, really wanted to be a part of," said Lavallee.

"It was so capturing to me at that time, even as a young little girl, to appreciate the love that I had and sort of really just take all of that country music in."

After finally getting the chance to visit Nashville a few years ago, Lavallee said she found herself gripped by the urge to return and record there.

"When I got a little bit of a taste of the city and the home of country music, I said to myself: 'I'm coming back, I don't know when, I don't know how, I'm just coming back and when I come back, I'm coming back to sing.'"

Spent week recording EP

In Nashville, she spent five days completing an EP, known in the business an extended play musical recording. She experienced all the legendary country music the town has to offer.

"It was an honour to record with these guys, and all the great musicians," she said.

"It just felt right to go to the home of country music and record these songs."

Her upcoming self-titled EP will be released on iTunes next month