The CBC has learned that Jeremy Reid, the man who admitted drinking and later hitting two people in Wabush, killing one of them, is being held at Her Majesty's Penitentiary in St. John's.

Police have confirmed that Reid is back behind bars just over a month after he was granted day parole.

Reid pleaded guilty to running down Shane Mercer and Lesia Penney in Wabush in December 2010. Mercer later died in hospital; Penney was seriously injured and is still recovering.

Reid served seven months of a four-year prison sentence before he started day parole on Dec. 4.

Reid picked up on Dec. 28

RCMP took Reid into custody on Dec. 28 at his halfway house in Stephenville without incident, on a warrant of suspension issued by Corrections Canada.  

That document is usually issued when someone breaches conditions of his or her parole, or to prevent someone from breaching conditions of his or her parole.

Corrections Canada has said that Reid is under their department's supervision, but officials have been unable to give more details about Reid's file due to privacy regulations.

A letter from Corrections Canada sent to families involved with the case showed that Reid was given a permit to travel to Bonavista from Dec. 22 to Dec. 25 for "humanitarian reasons."

Corrections Canada has said that Reid will remain in custody in St. John's for the next few weeks while they decide whether to revoke Reid's release, cancel his suspension, or refer his file back to the parole board.