A man convicted of criminal negligence causing death after hitting and killing a man with his Jeep in 2010 was recently granted day parole.

Jeremy Reid admitted to drinking and later hitting Shane Mercer and Leisa Penney with his vehicle in Wabush. 

Penney was seriously injured, and Mercer later died in hospital due to his injuries.

Reid was granted day parole in late 2012, but was taken back into custody in December 2012.

He is back out on day parole at a halfway house in Stephenville, and eligible for full parole in July.

Lindsay Mitchelmore, Mercer's sister, said this was news she was expecting, but didn't want to hear.

"I was upset. It just … it makes me sick," she said.

"I think that that sentence should coincide with what murder or manslaughter is in our country, which should be life imprisonment."

While the family is upset with the latest development in Reid's case, criminal lawyer Robby Ash said the law is the law.

"The sentence has to be proportional to the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender," he said.

"We don't have cookie-cutter justice in Canada."

Reid must stay away from drugs and alcohol, as well as the families of the two people he hit, while on day parole.