Jeremy Reid back behind bars just weeks after parole

The Wabush man who admitted to killing Shane Mercer with his Jeep two years ago is back in jail, less than a month after being paroled.

Drunk driver killed man and injured woman with his Jeep in Wabush in 2010

Jeremy Reid, who was convicted of killing a man and seriously injuring a woman in a 2010 drunk driving incident, was granted day parole just over a month ago. He is now back in custody. (CBC)

The Wabush man who admitted to killing Shane Mercer with his Jeep two years ago is back in jail.

Jeremy Shannon Reid was granted parole in November, after spending less than a year behind bars.

But Corrections Canada issued a warrant for Reid's arrest last week.

A spokesperson confirmed to CBC News that Reid is back under their supervision, but declined to provide specifics, citing privacy issues.

About 200 people attended a March 2012 rally in Wabush to protest Jeremy Reid's four-year sentence. (CBC )

Corrections Canada won’t say where Reid is being held, or what he did to end up back in jail.

Reid pleaded guilty to getting drunk and then running over Shane Mercer and injuring Leisa Penney in Wabush in December 2010.

Mercer's sister, Lindsay Mitchelmore, told CBC News she got a call this past Friday informing her of the news.

She says she was told Reid will be in jail for 30 to 90 days awaiting a hearing.

Reid had been staying at a halfway house in Stephenville.

According to Mitchelmore, Reid was allowed to head to Bonavista for the holidays to deal with a family emergency.

But soon after Christmas Day, Reid either breached his parole, or was about to breach his parole, and the warrant was issued.

Reid released in early December

Reid got out of jail on Dec. 4, and it didn't take long before he created a controversy.

Three days later, on Dec. 7, he updated his Facebook status: "19 f'ing months. done."

Reid's message was shared around social media and upset a lot of people in western Labrador. He later apologized.

The last thing Reid told the parole board was that he didn't want to go back to jail.

He ended up back behind bars less than a month after his release.